Below are some of the testimonials from clients that KTC have worked with and for in the past.  To view the others feel free to look at LinkedIn the social network for business.

Jeremy was an absolute pleasure to work with. He came to Content and Code when we were having a huge growth spurt and he fit into the team fantastically. Jeremy would always put a lot of time and effort into making sure that all the development within our team was done to a high standard and that everybody understood why a particular method was the best. He has inspiring enthuiasm about code and attention to detail. Jeremy always had a keeness to learn topics that weren't in his field and would pick things up in his own time at an insane pace. I absolutely loved learning from and working with Jeremy and I really hope to do so again in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Jeremy was my go to man for all things BI, particularly around SharePoint Performance Point and SQL reporting services. He is always a great help with technical pre-sales and is able to simply and clearly articulate complex data concepts. A skill that is rare in highly technical individuals.
I worked with Jeremy on a challenging project, and joining as he did midway through could have caused problems, however he was always positive and willing to explore different ways of resolving issues. His experience and willingness to help both his client and team members were a great asset, always willing to take time to explain things, or listen to different points of view. I would gladly work with him again.
I was Jeremy's project manager over a year during the bulk of a challenging programme of work and for a few projects afterwards. Jeremy always came up with original and creative solutions to some very challening problems. His vast knowledge and experience saved the day a number of times. Jeremy cares about his work and often went over the call of duty to ensure the client was happy and deadlines were met. He always kept me informed of progress and any challenges and could be trusted to get on and deliver. I'd gladly work with him again.
Jeremy was instrumental in leading the development, support and maintainence of my company's bespoke CRM and case management system (based around bespoke Gupta Centura RDBS). Would recommend him based on the quality of his work, enthusiasm and dedication. Unbiased and honest technical specialist focused on getting results for the customer.
Jeremy is quick to understand both business and IT strategies and provides robust, fit for purpose solutions to meet clients' needs. Forward thinking, Jes makes the best use of the clients' technology and integration opportunities and offers ideas for adopting the latest / next technologies solely for the benefit of the business. Jes has an enthusiasm and dedication that is often hard to come by.
Jeremy worked on a series of technical issues with me at the LTA. His work enabled the timely release of a complex solution that had a fantastic impact the LTA's website. His hard work, dedication and technical understanding were only surpassed by his excellent communication skills and appreciation of the high-level solution. I would not hesitate to work with him again.
I have worked with Jeremy on a number of complex projects and he takes the seemingly impossible business requirement and delivers the right solution to the customer every time. With his analytical skills and ability to work through issues he is able to devise solutions to fit business pains. I, like every customer we have worked with like, respect and trust him. He has mentored me in the past and I always value his opinion and judgement.
In a nutshell, Jeremy is the best developer I have worked with. From simple web development to Business Intelligence projects and complex .net applications, Jeremy constantly delivers high quality, successful projects for his customers. Coupled with his passion and dedication Jeremy is a great asset to any project he works on.
Jeremy was a lead member of the development group when I was managing it. He demonstrated exceptionally creative and clear thinking and was compelling in front of customers in a broad variety of situations. The quality of his output was always high and he was very easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any technically challenging role, particularly those requiring strong innovation and focus.
Jeremy's knowledge of the Microsoft stack for Business Intelligence is second to none (I worked with him on a recent project where he lead the BI implementation to successful delivery). In addition he really understands how SharePoint fits in to the BI story.He is dedicated and always keen to help other team members.
In all the 15 years that I have known Jeremy, I have never come across anyone who could pick up and exploit new technologies as quickly as Jeremy, He is always quick to understand the issues of a client and recommend effective ways of solving those issues. He is never phased by the difficulties that might be encountered. I thouroughly recommend him to anyone.
Jeremy's expertise and highly indepth technical knowledge was instrumental in bringing a MOSS / Sharepoint / Excel 2007 solution to life using excel web parts. His creative thinking and dogged determination to find out the best possible way to do things has left us with much to think about in terms of other great things we could provide in the future.
I worked with Jeremy for a relatively short period of time. We struck up a friendly and professional relationship instantly. He is an honest and reliable member of team and his indepth knowledge of Business Intelligence is unsurpassed in the the organisation. He would be an asset to any Company that employs him.