Custom Reporting Services Dashboards

As part of a major revamp and upgrade of its web site KTC were contracted to rewrite and extend the existing broker performance tool for a large global insurance/reinsurance company.  This work was also a subproject within a larger master data management (MDM) project that was gradually being rolled out across the enterprise. Significant improvements around usability and performance were introduced through the careful use of 3rd party components to streamline navigation and enable easy drilling into the data.  Extensive use of client side JavaScript and web services greatly reduced the number of full page refreshes resulting in a slick, intuitive and responsive user experience.

With the customer performance sites designed as a set of SharePoint web templates, the core BI functionality is delivered through SQL Server Reporting Services running in SharePoint integrated mode.  The sites are provisioned completely through PowerShell including publishing of all of the SSRS reports and wiring up of the numerous web part filter connections.